Victory Over Temptation

Victory Over Temptation

After Jesus was baptized, He went into a place called the wilderness. In the wilderness the Devil tempted Jesus three times and tried to make Him sin. The Lord was tempted by the same three ways the Devil tempts Christians today. He won the victory over temptation. Read Matthew 4:1-11). Christians can also have victory over sin, the devil and temptation.

Jesus proved that Christians can also beat the Devil. Jesus became your example and wants you to follow Him. After you are saved, you will be tempted to sin. The Devil tempted Jesus and the Devil will tempt you. The Devil wants to stop you from serving God. He wants to win the victory over you. Jesus went into the wilderness. He was tempted, but he refused to sin. After you are saved, there will be many times of temptation and troubles in your life. The Devil will try to discourage and defeat you. After you decide to follow Jesus, the Devil will try to make you stop living for God. Jesus won the victory and He wants you to follow Him and become a good, strong Christian for God. God wants you to live for Him. He wants you to have a wonderful life. The best life is following God!

 Christians Should Not Practice Sin – A father is very happy when his little child begins to take his first steps. Jesus is very happy when His children (new Christians) begin to walk and follow Him. It makes the Lord sad to see His children not following Him. God your Heavenly Father wants you to do right and follow Him. Stop sin and be a good Christian.

Temptation – Many people, after they are saved, will be tempted to sin. They go into the wilderness (the world) and they give up to the Devil and fall into sin. In the world there is temptation to sin and to stop following Jesus. All Christians will have temptation. Temptation is not sin, but when you say yes to temptation, it becomes sin. Jesus was tempted, but He did not sin. Many Christians say yes to the Devil and love the worldly things more than they love God. After you are saved, you need to decide who will control your life, Jesus or the Devil. If you follow the Devil and worldly things, you will not have peace in your heart. If you follow the Lord you will have peace and contentment in your heart.

 Don’t Love the World – “Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world” (I John 2:15). The Devil wants to lead you into sin and destroy your life as a Christian. You will be tempted, but you must decide to say no and refuse to sin. Say “yes” to God and “no” to the world and the Devil.   Sometimes friends may tempt you to do wrong. You must stop and think about the cost of sin. Sin will destroy you. If you do wrong it will hurt you, your friends, your family and the Lord. When you are tempted to do wrong, pray and ask Jesus to help you. Be strong and say no to sin.

How to Have Victory – Follow the example of Jesus. Say no when you are tempted. Say no when you feel you want to sin. Say no to bad habits and refuse them. Say no to your bad friends when they tempt you to do wrong. If you become weak, ask Jesus to help you. The Holy Spirit will make you strong and you can refuse sin. When you are tempted, pray and ask the Holy Spirit to make you strong. Learn to say yes to God and the Bible. Say yes to attending church. Say yes to prayer. Learn to say yes and no when needed. Put off the old man and put on the new man in Christ. You need to practice doing right. You must decide who you will follow – Jesus or the Devil. Jesus wants you to follow Him and live a clean, good Christian life. The Devil wants to ruin and destroy you. Who will you follow?

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