Step 7

Step 7: Don’t Quit

Start & Finish – Don’t Stop or Quit!

“I have FINISHED my course, I have kept the faith.” — 2 Timothy 4:7

“Well done, thou good and FAITHFUL servant.” — Matthew 25:21


You have followed Jesus to the River Jordan where He was baptized. You have followed Him into the wilderness of temptation. After the wilderness Jesus began to minister to the needs of people. Jesus was very kind. He made the blind to see and the crippled to walk. He made the sick well. Many people followed Jesus and loved Him very much, but some of the people were angry because He spoke the truth. In St. Luke 4:29, the people were mad at Jesus. They tried to cast (throw) Him down a hill and kill Him. Jesus was a kind man doing good for all the people, but there were some who hated Him and were His enemies. Jesus did not stop living for God because of His enemies. Some people think because they are a Christian that every person will love them and be kind to them. This is not true. Sometimes even your family and friends will turn away from you when you start living for God. You must decide that you will keep living for God even if your friends and family are against you. Decide to never stop, quit or give up!

Keep Living for the Lord – Some people do not love Christians. The Bible says, “…all that live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution” [II Timothy 3:12]. Sometime when you try to live for God other people will try to stop you from living right. Some people will tease you because you are a good Christian. The next step is to understand that the Devil will use many things to try and stop you from being a good Christian; but do not give up. Some times you will be tempted to be unfaithful in church. Keep living for God. Don’t stop!

 Do Right at All Times – It is easy to give up. But you must be strong and keep living right for God. Follow Jesus and live for Him even though your friends leave you. Sometimes people can hurt you with words or bitterness. Even some family members may not like you becoming a Christian. But keep living right for God. Keep your eyes upon Jesus and follow Him. Give Him your life and ask Him to help you. You will be glad you did! When you get to Heaven you can hear Jesus say to you, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant” – Matthew 25:21

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