Step 5

Step 5: Prayer

ASK…it shall be given you; seek…ye shall find; knock…it shall be opened unto you.”
Matthew 7:7

“Ye have not, because ye ASK not..”
James  4:2


Jesus prayed many times. Prayer was a very important part of His life. Many times He stopped all that He was doing to pray. Jesus, the Son of God, needed to pray. He prayed on the mountain tops and in the valleys. He prayed in public and in private. He taught His disciples to pray. He prayed much to God.

Jesus prayed often, sometimes in the early morning, sometimes at night. Jesus told his disciples, “Pray, lest ye enter into temptation” [Luke 22:46]. Jesus prayed many times. He is our example and we need to follow in His steps and pray as He prayed. The Bible says, “Ask and it shall be given you” (Matthew 7:7). Many deaf are saved, but they do not pray. This is wrong. The disciples asked the Lord to teach them to pray (Luke 11:1). You should learn to pray continually. Prayer is the way to get things from God.

Ye have not, because ye ask not.” — James 4:2

All Christians Can Pray – God understands all people in all countries and all languages. Some think they cannot pray to God because they speak a different language. This is not true. God understands all languages including deaf Sign Language. Even the Deaf can pray to God with their hands, in their hearts, or in their thoughts. God understands all “Hispanic” people who pray in Spanish. God even understands the natives of Africa who pray in their unknown languages. Prayer is not just pretty words. Pretty words are not important or impressive to God. God looks at your heart.

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