Step 2

Step 2: Baptism

First step after saved is baptism.  Have you been baptized?

“…they that gladly received his word were baptized.”  Acts 2:41


The Bible tells us in I Peter 2:21 to follow in Jesus’ steps. You will now study the life of Jesus when He was on this earth. You will want to follow in His steps so you can be a good Christian. The next step after salvation is to be baptized. Why? What does baptism mean? How should you be baptized? The Bible has the answer.

The Baptism of Jesus Christ – When Jesus began His ministry, at about the age of thirty, the first thing He did was to walk to the River Jordan and be baptized by John the Baptist. Jesus walked many miles through the desert lands to do something that was very important. Before Jesus started to work for God, He was first baptized. Jesus went with John the Baptist into the river. John the Baptist lowered Jesus into the water and baptized Him. All the people looked and saw that Jesus was baptized. When He was baptized, there came a voice from Heaven. God said, “. . . This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased…” God was happy and pleased that Jesus was baptized. God did not force Jesus to be baptized, but Jesus wanted to please God. Jesus was our example and He wants you to follow Him. You should be baptized too. All saved people need to be baptized as a testimony to show others that they are a Christian.

What is Baptism? – Baptism is an outward expression of an inward possession. When you are baptized you show others that you are now a Christian and you believe in the death, burial and resurrection of Christ. A person is baptized under water, showing the death of Jesus and His burial. Then he is raised from the water, showing the resurrection of Jesus. Baptism is with water (John 1:26). Baptism is by immersion, which means to be put under the water (Mark 1:9-10).

Jesus was immersed (under water) and so should you. You should obey the Lord and be baptized under water as Jesus. Baptism is the second step in following Jesus. You should be baptized because you want to obey the command of Jesus (Matthew. 28:19,20). If you are not baptized, it can hurt your testimony. People will think you are ashamed to be a Christian. If you are not baptized, then you are not obeying and following God.

 Have You Followed Jesus in Step Two? You will never be an obedient Christian unless you are willing to do what God wants you to do. Many people are watching your life and you need to show them that you have decided to follow Jesus. When Jesus was baptized God said, “…I am well pleased…” God will be pleased when you are baptized and so will many others.

 (Talk to your pastor or teacher about being baptized.)

 Where and How to be BaptizedAfter you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Saviour you should then be baptized. You should find a good Bible-believing church that is interested in helping you as a Christian. Tell the pastor that you have been saved and you want now to be baptized. The church will baptize you and you will become a member of the church.

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