About Silent Word Ministries

About Silent Word Ministries

Most of the information on this website was originally written for Deaf people by Dr. Ted Camp, Founder of Silent Word Ministries. However, it is not limited just to the Deaf. Many others have used it in their ministries worldwide. The desire of SWM is to provide this material as a follow up for people who have trusted Christ as their Savior.

Introduction to Silent Word Ministries

Silent Word Ministries is a nonprofit, independent, Baptist organization with a federal 501(c)3 approval. Articles of Faith and guidelines are available upon request. The ministry was established in 1966 to fulfill the Great Commission through evangelism and ministry to the Deaf world. The goal of the ministry is to reach the world of the Deaf for Christ; to help establish Deaf ministries in strong, fundamental churches; to win deaf to Christ worldwide; to help build established Deaf ministries; and to strengthen Deaf people into Christian maturity with a literature program.

Ministry Motto…
The desire of our ministry is prayer for
boldness to share Christ, wisdom for the best way,
open doors of opportunity that Deaf will be saved,
families strengthened and churches served.

We hope this special booklet from our Teaching Them Series will be a helpful tool in teaching new Christians the Word of God. This Teaching Them Series is written simple and clear for all people to easily understand things they need to do after they are saved. This booklet or other follow-up materials should be given to all new converts. The Bible command to go into all the world and preach the Gospel and also to teach them. All materials are written with Bible principles and Scriptural authority. It is a systematic program you can trust. We suggest that pass these booklets to others who may have spiritual needs.

Use This Website As A Ministry Tool To Help Others.
Use in Counseling & Follow-up Ministry!

Help us translate the 8 Steps into your language!

 Send for a free catalog listing or sample of our literature.

All Bible references are from King James Version

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