Live For Others

Live For Others

Jesus knew that He would be on earth for just a short while. He knew that He did not have much time to work for God. Jesus wants all the people to be saved. He has a tender heart of love and mercy for all the unsaved. Jesus has compassion for all people. It does not matter if you are rich or poor, black or white, young or old. Jesus loves all people Jesus loves you.

Once Jesus was on a mountain top and looked at Jerusalem below. He saw many houses. As He looked He thought of the many people who were not saved. As He looked He wept over the city. (Read St. Luke 19:41.) Jesus wept because people were lost. Jesus did not weep because He was bitter or hurt. Tears came from His heart because He cared for other people. He wept because of His love for the people who were lost and needed His help. Jesus loved the people in the city of Jerusalem and Jesus also loves you!

Have Compassion Like Jesus – When Jesus looked at the people He wept because He loved them and knew that many of them were sad and sick with sin. Jesus had a tender heart of love and mercy and He wanted to help them. You need to follow the example of Jesus and have love and mercy for people who need are lost. Jesus wept over the city of Jerusalem because He had many friends in the city. Jesus loved them very much. He loved the city of Jerusalem. He wept because they were going to Hell. He knew that Hell was an awful place. Jesus does not want any person to go to Hell. Jesus wept because He knew that many of the people in the city were dying. He knew that when a person dies it is too late to help him. Jesus wept because many of the people had troubles. Many homes were unhappy. Jesus had a tender heart of love and wanted to help all the people. You need to follow Jesus and have a soft tender heart for others.

Have a Compassionate Heart Like Jesus – Today Christians are weeping about their own problems and troubles, but they need to have a broken heart for the needs of others. A good Christian is a person who lives to help other people. He is kind to others. He tries to comfort and help others who need it. You need to start today and follow Jesus. You need to have love and mercy for others.

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