Forgive Others As Christ Has Forgiven You

Forgive Others As Christ Has Forgiven You

The cruel people crucified Jesus on the cross. They did many awful things to Him. When the people crucified Jesus and made fun of Him, He did not get angry. Jesus prayed for the people. He prayed, “Father, forgive them” [Luke 23:34]. Jesus did not become bitter. He forgave the people and prayed for them. You need to learn to be forgiving as Jesus. Jesus says if you want to be forgiven, then you must forgive others. A good Christian will be like Jesus. A good Christian will forgive others and not stay angry and bitter. You need to be like Jesus and follow Him. The people lied about Jesus. They hated Him, but He loved them. Sometimes your family or your friends will hurt your feelings. Sometimes others may lie about you. What will you do? Will you become bitter and hate them? No, this is wrong. It is sin. Jesus told Peter to forgive seventy times seven (490 times) someone who sins against him (Matthew 18:21,22). Jesus said if you do not forgive others, then your Heavenly Father will not forgive you.

Some deaf get mad with others and become bitter. They try to get even. This is wrong. Put away all bitterness and be kind and gentle and forgive others as Jesus forgave you. Do not become bitter, but become better.

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