Be A Soul-Winner

Be A Soul-Winner

Jesus loved all the people and in St. Luke 5:27-29 the Bible tells us that Jesus went to the house of a publican (tax collector) named Levi. In the house were many sinners. Jesus sat down and ate with them. He did not sin with them, but He told them about their sins. Many people in the house were saved because Jesus went to them. Jesus would go to the lost people and talk to them about salvation. He came into this world to save sinners. Jesus wants us to follow Him and go to the people who are not Christians and witness to them. In the world there are many people who are not saved. Not many Christians care enough to visit them. Many Christians do not try to help others to be saved. This is wrong. Jesus wants you to follow Him and tell others about your salvation.

Soul Winning – Jesus loved the unsaved and wanted them to be saved. You need to follow the example of Jesus and go to the lost. Christians need to witness to the unsaved. Many people are dying without Jesus. All people die and need to be saved.   Unsaved people also have feelings, they hurt, love and also have a soul. Who cares for their souls? Hell is an awful place and Jesus does not want any person to go to the terrible place of Hell. Your friends and family need to be saved. Do you care? Jesus said, “As my Father hath sent me, even so send I you” [John 20: 21]. Jesus wants to send you to help your friends, family and the people you work with, your neighbors, and people who visit your home. Jesus is now in Heaven and He wants you to go for Him to the sinners. Will you start telling people about Jesus? Start now to talk to your family and your friends. Tell others about Jesus dying for their sins. Invite them to go to church with you. You need to talk to the people at the grocery store, the service station, the post office, and witness to those you meet every day. You need to surrender now to the Lord and pray that He will help you to be strong and witness for Him. Will you take this step today and start witnessing to the lost? Will you follow Jesus and go to the sinner’s house? Keep tracts in your pocket or purse and give a tract at the restaurant, gas station, grocery store and rest areas. Be a witness for the Lord. It is important for you to help others go to Heaven.

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